Want to help solve the pet overpopulation problem in Houston?  Get to the root of the problem…..

Help us spay and neuter pets in the under served areas of Houston, where most of the stray animals come from. Your gift will allow us to start a program to provide much needed services for our county and city.  A generous supporter has made a gift to our Spay/neuter program and will match all donations to this program up to $15,000.00.  What does that mean? We will be able to hold a large scale spay/neuter surgery day and alter over 350 animals in ONE DAY!  In partnership with Harris County, we plan to show other donors the value of large events like this for making a real dent in the homeless pet population. FACT: One unspayed female dog and her offspring can produce 508 dogs in 7 years, but with cats the numbers are worse, 4948 cats from one female and her offspring in 7 years. Every animal fixed helps STOP THE CYCLE!

Owned, unaltered pets are the source of most stray animals in the city and their offspring clog our shelters that are already overwhelmed.  SPAY NEUTER ATTACKS THE ROOT CAUSE of homeless, helpless animals suffering in shelters or on the streets.  It also makes for safer streets for the humans as well. Our plan is to use the funds collect for a pilot program to create quarterly spay/neuter events so that our program will reach beyond the initial event. Using a public/private partnership of government and animal welfare organizations, such as SAVE Rescue, we will be able to attract additional funds from large foundations and animal advocates.

SO HELP US START.  Your donation will be matched up to $15K and now is the time to make your gift really count. We NEED the help of our community to stop the suffering on the streets. Be part of the solution!  Donate now! I WANT TO HELP!