SAVE RESCUE  is making a difference everyday.  

Report Card for S.A.V.E. Rescue Through December 31, 2016

These results are from inception, June 2012. SAVE made it’s first rescue from a shelter in November of 2012 by taking 9 little dogs scheduled for euthanasia

2542 animals were taken from local shelters and off the street of the greater Houston metro area and placed into our adoption program. For many of these animals, SAVE was their last resort, as they were on their last days in shelters, or injured on the street. 2002 animals were adopted and 121 transferred to other rescue groups around the country and 70 more were returned to their owners.  We currently have 5 animals in hospice care with fosters.

SAVE hosted over 170 adoption events in 2016. These events provide a way for the adoptable pets to be seen by the general public at retail stores, local businesses and special events. SAVE purchased a 26 ft self contained adoption trailer, the Maxmobile, which can be taken to businesses, fairs, and community gatherings to provide a climate controlled “adoption center” for adoptable pets.  This trailer was purchased by direct donations from the public and supporting businesses.

SAVE has run an active program, “Pups on Planes”, to find homes for larger, less adoptable Texas dogs in the Northwest and Northeast United States and Southern Canada. In Since mid 2014, 249 dogs were sent to loving, permanent homes in these areas.  These dogs are transferred to their new homes via commercial and private planes and via commercial specialized ground transport. Most of these animals would have languished in local shelters with little or no interest. Our program has created a network of new adopters that are referring others to rescues in the Texas area to save even more dogs.

SAVE runs an active Trap-Neuter-Return program and has spayed and neutered over 530 feral or community cats. We have purchased 20 traps that are available for loan to citizens needing help with trapping and altering cats in their community. We are currently working with our primary vet and provide a low/no cost Feral Cat Spay neuter Clinic that will alter 25-40 cats each quarter to further reduce the homeless pet problem. Many kittens from this program enter our adoption program. In 2016 we increased the number of cats adopted by 50%. Our goal for 2017 is to double our cat adoptions since we acquired a second “in store” cattery at our Petsmart adoption partners.

SAVE has completed the first year of a low cost Spay/neuter program for low income/low information owners to provide services in targeted areas.  The program includes a survey of the area, prioritizing the animals to be altered, and education of the owner regarding proper pet care and local laws regarding pet ownership.  We have currently enlisted 2 local vet clinics to work with us on this project and are actively seeking community support to help defray the costs of the program.  This program attacks the root cause of the homeless pet problem in our area.

During the year we have purchased vaccines, heartworm and flea prevention for our foster animals and veterinary care totaling $183,450.00.  This total includes all animals in our program being altered prior to adoption, as well as 11 orthopedic surgeries, one cataract surgery and two eye surgeries on cats, as well as many other medical issues.

2016 was the Inaugural “Ride a Hog-Save a Dog” charity motorcycle ride benefitting SAVE.  Our first ride netted over $12,000.00 in much needed funds for our rescued animals. Plans are already underway for the second ride in September 2017.

SAVE also completed the requirements to be certified as Guidestar Platinum rated charity in 2016, as part of our mission to provide donors with the most information to make informed decisions about where their gifts go.

With your support we can make even more progress in the coming year.