Report Card for S.A.V.E. Rescue Through Dec 31st, 2018

In 2017, S.A..V.E. Rescue faced many challenges just like the city of Houston did with the arrival of Hurricane Harvey  the last days of August. To make room for the many displaced animals, we send weekly transports out to our rescue partners across the country filled with “Pre Harvey” animals. They were all fully vetted and ready for adoption, but we had to move them out for the 381 new animals that came into SAVE in the 3 months after the hurricane. Fortunately, we were the recipients of several disaster relief g, 1221 animals were taken into the SAVE program in 2018. 1030 animals are now in loving, safe homes.  To date since inception in 2012 over 5000 animals have been SAVEd by our volunteers and foster.

SAVE hosted over 100 adoption events in 2018. These events provide a way for the adoptable pets to be seen by the general public at retail stores, local businesses and special events.  In 2018 SAVE partnered with PETSMART to house adoptable cats in stores at two locations in the  Katy and  Missouri City areas. Adding the catteries as a place to showcase our cats has more than tripled the number of cats adopted in one year! 468 cats and kittens were brought into the SAVE program in 2018, 38% of all the animals we took in were cats since cats are the most likely specieis to be put to sleep for lack of homes in area shelters.  753 dogs and puppies came to us for care in 2018.

Working with other rescue groups this year, we placed another 95 cats and 128 dogs in rescues programs where there are not enough dogs or cats to adopt. We will continue to grow this program in 2018.

SAVE has completed the second year of a low cost Spay/neuter program for low income/low information owners to provide services in targeted areas.  The program includes a survey of the area, prioritizing the animals to be altered, and education of the owner regarding proper pet care and local laws regarding pet ownership.  We have currently enlisted 4 local vet clinics to work with us on this project and are actively seeking community support to help defray the costs of the program.  Our program has altered over 250 animals in its first 2 years.

Our proudest achievement in 2017 was to bring more low income residents FREE spay neuter services.  Partnering with K-9 Angels and Friends of County Pets, and with a generous grant from Houston PetSet, The Empty Shelter Project was created. The concept was to provide “pop up” spay/neuter clinics in underserved areas of Harris County to reduce the pet overpopulation problem. The Empty Shelter Project purchased $150,000.00 in veterinary hospital equipment and in 2017, provided free spay/neuter, microchipping and vaccines to over 1000 pets in underserved areas of the county. Learn more at

With your support we can make even more progress in the coming year.