Elvis is ready to Rock and Roll out of here and into a home of his own. Elvis is housebroken and will not chew up your Blue Suede Shoes.  He is not a Hound Dog but probably a Chihuahua/pug mix. Don’t be Cruel and make poor Elvis wait too much longer for his forever home. Enough with the ELVIS songs….here is the story.  Elvis was run over and left for dead, but luckily a good samaritan found him and took him to the ER. SAVE was contacted to see if we could help with vetting and we stepped up right away. Elvis had a broken jaw and it was wired together to heal up. While he was sleeping, he was also neutered. He was such a good patient and healed quickly. We found out Elvis also had heartworm disease and he has been treated for this too.  He is now healthy and ready to start a new life.  He is great with other dogs and is okay with cats too.  He loves everyone and likes to strut around the yard and protect you from unseen attackers. He has a big personality in a small ( under 12 pound ) body.  Unlike some small dogs, Elvis would be fine with kids.  He is active but not hyper and is not a barker.  What more could you want??? I know, if he could sing.