GIzmo Feb 2017

Gizmo came to SAVE over 2 years ago as a stray whose skin looked as if he had been dipped in concrete.  He was covered in a thick scaley coat of mange, had a skin infection and was just about completely bald, After about a year with a foster and an attempt at a permanent home, Gizmo ended up at the home of our director, Angela Mc Ghee.  He was a mess, itchy skin, patchy hair and still not much better that  when we rescued him, in spite of hundreds of dollars of medications and vet visits,  Gizmo was determined to be VERY allergic to dust mites, but also to cotton and to pork. No matter what we tried we could not get a handle on his skin or his suffering.

Poor Gizmo underwent a complete change in his environment, living outside in a poolhouse with no carpet or fabrics, getting 4 times a week baths where his skin was scrubbed with a brush and medicated shampoo and slowly he started making progress, but not completely healthy.  We decided to try something bold, and started giving Gizmo an anti yeast medicine orally. The downside was that it could damage him internally if he could not tolerate it, but we had to give him some relief. The medicine had to be compounded because Giz was too small for the smallest dosage commercially available. After a month of medication, test to see how his tiny body was handling the medication and vast improvement in his quality of life, we started to transition Gizmo back into a home environment. He now sleeps inside on polyester bedding and wears nylon collars, and lives in a room with no carpet.  And look at him now.  He needs a haircut!!!

Gizmo is a perfect little guy, quiet and snuggly, loves to go on car rides and travels with his foster mom in her purse to run errands. We are looking for a special home that will give this adorable boy the attention and continued medication he will need to control his allergies.  Giz goes often to events and is the life of the party as he loves to dress up and prances around to entertain his “fans”. He LOVES to be outside and sunbathe, and also to help with gardening chores,  Gizmo is about 5-6 years old and is a Chinese crested mix.  His medication is about $50 a month, but he is worth every penny. Gizmo is good with children and other small dogs.  If you are interested in making a commitment to be Gizmo’s permanent home please contact us.