A grey Mercedes Benz pulled over the side of the road, opened the door, and someone pushed these two young female boxers out of the car. One of the dogs refused to get out, and a man got out, pulled her, and kicked her out of the way.

The car took off.

A rescuer was helplessly watching all happening. He felt so bad for the poor dogs, one limping, abandoned on the sidewalk. He took them to his house, and has kept them to find them a home. The rescuer himself was  going through cancer treatment and could hardly take care of himself.

S.A.V.E. –only because of public donations – was able to step in to help Brandon, the brave rescuer who saved these dogs’ lives. You can read updates and the full story here.

One of the girls, Boxxie has found a home.  Queeny needed extensive hip surgery and is on the road to recovery, staying in a foster home until she is ready to be adopted.

Without donations to the medical fund, a brave rescuer, loving fosters and an organization to pull it all together , this story would not have a happy ending.  This shows what Houston can do when we try!


In many cases adoptable dogs and cats do not find homes because they have a treatable medical condition, heartworm disease, respiratory illness, skin condition, etc.  S.A.V.E. takes in many of these animals and we have generous Vet partners who help us treat them at a low cost – best of all our adoptables are in Foster Homes so they can be treated effectively without risk of an “outbreak” that can affect a group of animals unlike a shelter environment.

This is one of our biggest expenses.  To continue to care for and find homes for these special needs at risk dogs and cats we have set up a Medical Fund where you can donate with a guarantee that your donation is used towards medical care only.