As 2019 comes to a close we reflect back on what has been accomplished and look forward to making a more meaningful impact on 2020.

2019 was another year with many “hands on” rescues including participation in 2 huge hoarding cases in the fall. Over 175 animals were involved. SAVE partnered with 8 other rescues on a large dog breeding/hoarding operation in Montgomery County. But we stepped up on our own, with no other groups participating, in an unbelievable 67 cat hoarding case in Pasadena Texas, where 67 cats and one puppy were rescued from deplorable conditions. 2019 also provided intake for 1032 animals. To read out full report go to Report card for 2019.

2020 brings us an opportunity to make a lasting difference in the number of animals needing rescue. The first step to “NO KILL” is “NO BIRTH”. In 2019 SAVE RESCUE altered over 231 dogs and cats that will not be adding to the pet overpopulation problem through our community outreach spay/neuter outreach. As a founding partner of THE EMPTY SHELTER PROJECT, SAVE is bringing local Galveston County Animal Welfare organizations together to to fund the Empty Shelter Project so we can alter 500 Galveston County animals in one day in April of 2020. All funds for the project will be raised in the community. Watch our page for more details. Along with Houston PetSet, we will have volunteers going into underserved communities to educate and encourage spay/neuter by offering low cost services to owners. Owners who are unable to pay will be funded directly by SAVE RESCUE through our community outreach funds. In 2019 SAVE Rescue spent over $25,000 to fund our program and would like to double that in 2020. By making SPAY NEUTER the focus of our efforts for 2020 and the foreseeable future, we intend to reduce the numbers of pets needing rescue and entering our local shelters. This is a very ambitious goal, but an achievable one. The current climate in animal welfare is to take more proactive approaches to the problem of pet overpopulation and we KNOW that spaying and neutering stops the cycle. We hope that you will join us to bring an end to the numbers of homeless pets needing rescue. Please help us reach the goal of Stopping the Cycle of homeless pets. Donate today.