SAVE Rescue helping in large hoarding case.

On November 5th, SAVE Rescue stepped in to help a mentally impaired hoarder with 67 cats and one puppy that were on a property that had been sold and all animals needed to be removed immediately. Stepping into a 14 x 12 room with one light bulb and inches or feces and cat hair was overwhelming. But many of the cats had been living in this condition for years. They were housed in travel crates (mostly females) and the males were left to run loose in the small room. The pictures cannot convey the dire situation these cats endured daily. The oldest cat was 14 and the kittens were as young as 4-5 weeks. It took 3 trips to get all the cats out of the horror of the building and the filth that was their home. Sadly 8 died within the first two weeks from being malnourished, stress and disease. We set up a safe house for about 30 of the cats and the balance went to foster homes. All have been vaccinated, altered (if old enough) and been given loads of medications and vet care to get them on their way to new lives. Vet bill have topped $7500.00 and will continue as each cat struggles to regain a healthy body. Many had to be fed several times a day in small meals as they had been so starved that their bodies would reject food. Annabelle, one of the kittens, has already been transported to Angels of Hope Rescue in Minnesota, one of our rescue partners, where she will be adopted and find a loving home. We are hoping that some of the healthier, more friendly cats will have homes by Christmas. This is a LONG ongoing project and we suspect that some of the cats will be with us until mid next year as the continue to heal physically and emotionally from the dreadful living conditions they endured. For video with additional pictures

Cats were kept in crates 24 hours a day to eat and sleep in their own waste. Males were let out to roam,