Gabby, the shepherd mix with her new Seattle buddy, was with us for 9 months before getting an application from the Seattle are.

Gabby, the shepherd mix with her new Seattle buddy, was with us for 9 months before getting an application from the Pacific Northwest area


SAVE dogs have already left for their new homes in such far away places as Vancouver, BC, New Hampshire, and Arizona. More leave in the next few weeks to homes in Seattle and Wisconsin. In partnership with Paddy’s Paws of Wisconsin and Oliver’s Orphan Oasis of New York,  SAVE will be sending dogs from Texas to pre approved adopters in the Midwest and North East.  We are also actively seeking adopters in New England and the Pacific Northwest through our new web listings of Texas dogs with Adopt A Pet.  “We hope to increase the number of Texas pups going to other parts of the country where the choices of pets are very limited.  Last year we sent  123 animals and this year we would like to do at least 150” said Angela McGhee, director and founder.  “We are off to a good start with these numbers, but would encourage all our supporters to continue to share our pups for adoption”

Mr. Larry McFluffins here….

My name is Mr. Larry McFluffins and I am looking for a new home. I use to live outside where several humans fed me but somewhere along the way, I managed to break my leg which was too much for the humans to handle. They took me to a clinic to be cared for and […]

Carlos…what a special boy

No stereotypes for this boy! Forget everything you thought you knew about Chihuahuas! Carlos breaks the mold. At only a year old and about 1o pounds, Carlos is the anti-chi. He is friendly to everyone. He is not a yapper (really). He LOVES children. Is that not enough to have  you racing to get this […]

Running on three legs and a heart

You just can help but smile when you meet her! She is full of the joy of life whether she is encouraging a puppy to play with her,  letting a small child pet her head, or giving a big sloppy kiss. Gwen has adapted to losing her front leg (from an untreated injury and bone […]

Get your Christmas Kookie

Some dogs are just born perfect.  Kookie is one of those dogs. In spite of a rough start in the 3rd Ward area of Houston, Kookie retained her sweet personality. Surrendered to SAVE when she was found to have heartworms, her family did what was best for her and gave her s chance at a […]

Chandler a golden oldie ADOPTED!!!!

Seniors rock and Chandler is rocking his golden years! At 12 years young, Chandler is a happy boy. He is partially blind but gets around great. He loves a morning stroll outside and an evening walk and can go out alone in a safe area. He knows his name and will come when called. Chandler […]