S.A.V.E Rescue Coalition was formed for the purpose of reducing the homeless pet problem through Spay/Neuter, Adoption, Volunteering and Education. Our mission is to provide rescue for at risk dogs and cats in the  Greater Houston Metro/Galveston County area using a network of hard working volunteers and fosters.

Living in the shadow of the 4th Largest city in the US exposes us to hundreds of thousands of stray, neglected animals. While some neighborhoods are cheery and stray free, other parts of our area looks like a third world country with unwanted, hungry abandoned animals everywhere. Our temperate climate and the absence of compassionate animal control laws make for a year round “breeding season”. Our phones and social media is constantly full of emergencies.We cannot SAVE them all, but we take all ages, breeds and medical conditions into our care. We focus on companion animals, dogs and cats, and are the rescue of last resort for many animals who find themselves clinging to life.

We provide veterinary care, food, and safe, caring homes for these forgotten animals in a very cost effective way.  This level of care is often not possible for the underfunded, overworked and overcrowded Houston Shelters.

S.A.V.E  RESCUE is manned by volunteers who juggle their own family, work and friends to make a difference for Houston’s homeless pets. While we save over 95% of all animals taken into our care we receive no taxpayer funds and depend entirely on donations. 100% of all funds received go to the benefit of the animals. No officer or volunteer receives any compensation.

To further our mission to reduce the number of homeless pets, we operate a community outreach spay/neuter program and an active TNR program for stray/community cats in Houston and its suburbs. In addition, in 2021, we have spayed/neutered over 2000 dogs and cats belonging to low income/low information pet owner In Galveston County. through our  clinic  Our TNR Program has altered over 182 community cats in areas outside Galveston County.

In 2021 S.A.V.E.  had 1014 animals enter our program, 439 dogs and 575 cats. Of those animals, most were adopted, some returned to their owners, and others were transferred to our rescue partners in other areas of the country. 27 animals died in our care or were euthanized for terminal illness or as a result of complications from illness. Our live release rate for 2021 was 97.3%. Since inception as a rescue in November of 2012, over 7832 animals have been taken in by S.A.V.E. Rescue  as of 12/31/2021.

In 2020, S.A.V.E. Rescue purchased $20,000.00 of veterinary hospital equipment to start a much needed spay neuter clinic that would increase the availability of services in low income Galveston County.  We provide FREE spay neuter services in low income areas where there are few low cost spay/neuter alternatives.  Our program, Galveston County EMPTY SHELTER PROJECT, had its first event in Sept 2020, and has vaccinated, microchipped and altered 2000 animals for FREE for lower income Galveston county residents.  We have funded this program in its entirety from donations and grants to SAVE RESCUE. We are thankful to have received grants from Best Friends-Rachel Ray Foundation “SAVE them All”, Petco Love Foundation, Houston PetSet and numerous local family foundations.

Inspired to help….There are MANY ways to help

To contact us:

Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible! Please give us at least 24 hours to respond as we are an all volunteer organization.  If you have found an animal that is in immediate need of veterinary care, please take to a local veterinary clinic or to your local animal shelter.

P.O.Box 790 Santa Fe, Texas 77517-0790