We have many animals that touch us as we rescue on the streets and many have sad stories. Some of the saddest are the animals that have lost all hope.  We found such a girl on a dirty little backstreet in Hankamer, Texas. One of our volunteers feeds and helps trap feral cats in this community and started noticing a large white dog with black spots.

Hope’s first meal once caught

Each time she saw her she was in someone’s trash or hunting in the ditches for some morsel of discarded food.  Sometimes she had a puppy trailing her and sometimes not.  She was skinny and skittish, but would stop and look with soulful eyes, eyes that had just about given up. Brenda, our volunteer, started bringing dog food to this sad dog to try to win her trust and after about a month, she was finally able to get her into a trap.  We decided to name her Hope, because she finally had some chance for a better life.  She was not an easy dog at first and had trouble making friends with other dogs. She still remembered her time on the streets when she had to fight for enough food to survive.  Slowly she started making progress, both physically and mentally. She was gaining weight, got spayed and was ready to begin heartworm treatment. Our vet did an X ray of her lungs to assess her for the treatment and was shocked when he looked at the films.  He called me and told me hat he had quit counting at 75 pellets,

All the white dots are BBs!

but that Hope’s entire body was full of BB pellets. Her trash eating days had taken a toll and she had paid a price for each bite she had retrieved. Another reason she had been so wary of people, we thought. We went forward with her treatment and after 60 days of treatment she was finally ready to begin the search for a new home.  Her foster mom had been working with Hope on good house manners and how to be an inside, family dog.  We learned from some of the residents where  Hope was found that she had once had a home, One day her owners got up and left and never came back.  She had been “nobodys dog” for a long time and had been a mother to several litters of puppies, with few surviving. Her resume was not the greatest, but we felt like there was a family out there somewhere that would  be the right one for Hope, and could look to her future and not her past. We were so surprised that the first person who met Hope decided to make her part of their family. They saw Hope as she is today, healthy and happy and ready for love.  Her past of abandonment, abuse and struggling to survive were long gone from Hope’s demeanor. We were thrilled that Hope had found her home and family for Christmas. Many thanks to Brenda, who found her, gained her trust and trapped her, to Dr. Pena who treated all her ailments, and a special thanks to Sherry, her foster mom, who gave Hope a reason to believe that her life would be better.  It takes a team to bring hope where none existed.  Happy life sweet, Hope.