We are so thankful to have had the support of people from all over the country. In our efforts in Houston and the surrounding area, we have been blessed with supplies and food, monetary donations from individuals and foundations and help from our midwest and east coast rescue partners who have taken our pre Harvey animals into their care so that we can make room for the influx of displaced animals.  We would like to thank the Banfield Foundation, the Petfinder Foundation, Houston PetSet , and Dogtopia for providing much needed relief grants to help us vet these new animals coming into our care.  We would also like to acknowledge the Gray Holding Co. of Richmond, VA for their generous donation.

Natural Pawz, a local Houston Pet supplies and services business, has been extremely generous with loads of premium food, dog and cat  supplies donated to SAVE and other rescue groups across the area. We also want to thank Shadow Creek Veterinary Clinic for opening their doors on Sunday to allow us to get health certificates  to help make sure all our animals were ready to travel.

While we have received much support, the crisis is not over.  Each day more people come to the realization that they will not be in their homes for months and temporary housing is not always pet friendly.  They will face hard choices and many will end up surrendering their pets.  We have had several months of extended intake and some stray dogs have been boarded as our foster homes as stretched to overflow status. Some of our volunteers are just getting back into their own homes and others are still months away from normal. If you can help with a small recurring donation, it will help us have an income stream to continue to help now that the world has moved past the Houston area crisis. Recurring donations can be made at www.saverescue.org/donate

Volunteers with first responders after a night rescue. Dash is now waiting to see if we can find his family.

Early Sunday transport to Minnesota with our rescue partners Pet Rescue Project. Pictured at Shadow Creek Vet Clinic with Dr. Charles Collins