Update Sept 1st.  Skies are blue and water is receding and we are starting to see the impact of the storm

As I went out today to pick up cats from one of our fosters whose home was devasted, I could not help but notice some of the Harvey victims that we could not see when the waters were higher.  Countless cats on the roadsides and ditches, with their fur now dry and blowing on their lifeless bodies, a deer that did not make it through the storm and a young cow that had washed up on the highway median at the worst of the flooding.  My heart is heavy as these are the ones we see and hundreds more are in places that we will never know to look for them. This storm has been so cruel.

But I am on the way to get several dogs and cats ready for transport to new rescue groups in places far away from the reminders of the storm.  6 Kittens will make their way to Iowa.  4 dogs will be on their way to Minnesota, and Tuesday 15 dogs and 6 cats will travel to our rescue partners in Michigan.  Each animal that leaves opens a spot for a Harvey survivor.

Chance is already with us, a dog that we chased before the storm to try to get to safety. After 5 days of rain, wind and flooding he finally gave up and appeared, exhausted and starving at a home across from the field that had been his home in the week before the storm. He and 9 other pups had been dumped in the dead of night. All were rescued except wily little Chance.  Our “Lost Dog” posters were miraculously still up and we were contact to come get him.  Wet, tired, hungry, but safe, Chance had finally given up to Harvey.  He is now recovering in a foster home.

August 28th.  The rain is still pounding on the windows and the water is still rising, but we are already being asked to help….

After one of the most historic floods in the history of the US, Houstonians will be trying hard to recover from this human tragedy.  Many had to flee with just the clothes on their backs. Some had to make the decision to leave their pets as first responders made difficult choices to save more human lives and forced owners to leave their pets behind.  We have already been contacted by many people needing help with found animals, strays that have wandered onto their property seeking shelter, and people rendered homeless, who will have to relinquish their pets as they find shelter for themselves and their families. In the days and weeks ahead the toll of this tragedy on humans and animals alike will be heavy. We are gearing up now, while the water is  high and the winds still blow to start helping.

Tomorrow we will go out to find a litter of kittens and their mom that had taken refuge in a homeowners boat, check on 5 dogs chained during the storm and look for two dogs that we were struggling to catch before Harvey turned their world upside down.  Once the water goes down, we will find even more animals in need. We will be reaching out to our local shelters to relieve them of some of the many homeless animals that will have lost their way during the storm.

We will be in need of many items, towels, bleach, cat litter, dog and cat food, paper towels, potty pads. Please see our Amazon Wish List https://smile.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2E9T4Q541J6G4?_encoding=UTF8&filter=&ref_=bnav_topnav_lists_1&sort=default&type=wishlist 

We will also need people in the area that are willing to foster a dog or cat in need.  Some of our fosters have experienced damages to their homes and will need temporary places for their fosters while their residences are repaired. Some dogs and cats will need temporary fosters while we try to locate their owners or, if unowned animals, while we ready them for adoption locally or with our out of state rescue partners.  Foster applications are available online at www.saverescue.org/foster-home-application

We will also have increased medical costs for the animals that we will be bringing off the streets and from the shelters. Many will be sick, starving and injured.  All will need basic vetting, vaccines and good quality food.  Those who will be traveling to our out of state rescue partners will need health certificates and transport expenses.  Your donations will help us meet these needs.  www.saverescue.org/donate

But most of all we will need your prayers….Please pray for Houston.