No stereotypes for this boy! Forget everything you thought you knew about Chihuahuas!

Carlos breaks the mold. At only a year old and about 1o pounds, Carlos is the anti-chi. He is friendly to everyone. He is not a yapper (really). He LOVES children. Is that not enough to have  you racing to get this little guy? Okay, he is housetrained (most of the time) and completely crate trained. This handsone little love bug with his permanent 5 o’clock shadow is such a pleasure to be around.  He really does love playing with children, watching Netflix, playing with toys and eating treats. He is good with strangers, a rariety in most Chihuahuas. He is quiet and well behaved and is small enough to go everywhere with you. His previous owners were elderly and he was also good with them.  So why is this guy still around? Beats me. Go apply today or you might miss your chance to have Carlos in you life.