Seniors rock and Chandler is rocking his golden years! At 12 years young, Chandler is a happy boy. He is partially blind but gets around great. He loves a morning stroll outside and an evening walk and can go out alone in a safe area. He knows his name and will come when called. Chandler had a lady that loved him very much but when she went to a nursing home, Chandler could not go with her. But he has made the best of his situation, and gets along well with the other dogs in his foster family unless they get too close to his food. He is a chill guy, but not a sad character at all. He is happy to be following you around in the house or yard and when he has had enough “excitement” he puts himself to bed. He is completely potty training and will bark to let you know he needs out in case you forget. He enjoys some cuddling and I understand he is a big Jeopardy fan. What is a permanent home? He is very healthy for a senior and would love to spend his remaining years with a family. Poodles generally live long lives so he may have 7-8 years left. Won’t you give us a call so you can meet this charming little old guy. He will steal your heart.