Some dogs are just born perfect.  Kookie is one of those dogs. In spite of a rough start in the 3rd Ward area of Houston, Kookie retained her sweet personality. Surrendered to SAVE when she was found to have heartworms, her family did what was best for her and gave her s chance at a better life. Kookie has completed her treatment and is ready to find her forever family. Kookie loves children, other dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, mice and squirrels. Well maybe not squirrels. But she is such a gentle soul she really does get along with everyone.  She is totally housetrained, crate trained and not the least bit destructive. She is a perfect size at about 22 pounds and loves to take walks or car rides. She is a perfect “first dog” since she is so easy to live with.  Her kind nature will let a new owner make a few mistakes without ruffling her at all. If you look into her eyes you can see what a sweet soul this girl has. She wants so much to be HOME for Christmas. So forgo the Santa Cookies and bring Kookie home instead.