My name is Mr. Larry McFluffins and I am looking for a new home. I use to live outside where

several humans fed me but somewhere along the way, I managed to break my leg which was too much for the humans to handle. They took me to a clinic to be cared for and then to a foster home. The humans are guessing my injury was incurred as I engaged in an epic battle with a nasty (dare I say the word) . . . . dog. Because of this harrowing experience, if you have a dog, I do not wish to live with you. However, if you have a love and admiration for felines such as myself, you may inquire about me. My foster thinks I am very handsome. In fact, I am gorgeous! My leg has been surgically plated and I am ready to be put on a pedestal where I can rule my kingdom, where dogs are not allowed. I would like roam through my castle (which shall be called your house), be worshipped as a feline god, eat the finest foods, and roll in the highest quality cat nip ever grown. Some humans believe that I have an attitude. Well, of course I do! Just look at this face. It is the finest specimen of feline that there ever was. Look at my eyes – one rare blue and one rare yellow sapphire. There’s nothing common about me. Of course, I have been medically cleared and deemed healthy, neutered, and microchipped. If you are experienced in providing fancy felines such as myself the love and adoration that I deserve, please contact my foster at SAVE Rescue Coalition. I do like smaller respectful humans as you can see…..