You just can help but smile when you meet her! She is full of the joy of life whether she is encouraging a puppy to play with her,  letting a small child pet her head, or giving a big sloppy kiss. Gwen has adapted to losing her front leg (from an untreated injury and bone infection) like no one could have thought possible.  With the best of spirit from the day she arrived from the shelter with a mangled leg, Gwen has touched everyone with her gentle nature.  Dressed up as a large Banana Split for Halloween, she greeted everyone at the local adoption event and just recently was jingle belling at a Christmas party.  Forget everything you thought you knew about German Shepherds, except the intelligence part! Gwen is a total marshmallow so no guard dog duties for her. She is even good with dog savvy cats, and was backed up by 5 foster kittens who decided they would turn the tables and chase her. Gwen is a kind soul and that comes through in her eyes. She looks to you to ask what is next, a short walk, a cuddle on the couch, a romp with a dog buddy? Gwen is great in new situations and is unflapable with noise, crowds, etc.  Her only drawback is not being able to take long walks. Otherwise she is just like any other pup. Gwen would love to be in a loving home for Christmas, so please share her story.