S.A.V.E. has created some very targeted programs to help us adopt more dogs and cats and to continue to be able to take in animals that shelters and other groups can not handle.  Each of these Programs needs funding or volunteers to continue and grow.  Where we ask for funding you can be sure that your money goes directly to the area where you want to help, not towards overhead or salaries (since we are 100% volunteer we don’t have any!)

Adoption events

Since rescue groups are almost wholly foster home based, with no adoption facility for showcasing adoptable animals, we rely on adoption events to introduce the public to our animals needing permanent homes. Learn More!

Medical Fund


In many cases adoptable dogs and cats do not find homes because they have a treatable medical condition, heartworm disease, respiratory illness, skin condition, etc.  S.A.V.E. takes in many of these animals and we have generous Vet partners who help us treat them at a low cost – best of all our adoptables are in Foster Homes so they can be treated effectively without risk of an “outbreak” that can affect a group of animals unlike a shelter environment. Learn More!

feralTargeted TNR program for feral cats

This program gets to the source of the overpopulation problem by identifying a colony of feral cats and getting every animal in the colony altered.  The animals are altered at free monthly feral cat clinics and at low cost at once a week appointments at a local spay/neuter clinic.  Learn More!


Spay/Neuter Education and Resources

Low cost Resource for Spay/Neuter and reasons for fixing your pets are provided here.