On September 11, 2020 Galveston County Empty Shelter Project Spay Neuter clinic was born to address the homeless pet problem in Galveston County. The clinic isĀ  housed in a small retail space in Santa Fe, Texas. We used borrowed equipment from The Empty Shelter Project-Texas, our partner organization, bought several thousand dollars of drugs, sutures, surgical supplies and set up a volunteer army to help man the hospital. Initially operating one day a weekend (when volunteers and veterinary staff are available) we have grown our program to 3-4 times a month and have altered over 2000 animals. In 2021 we purchased all our own equipment at at cost of over $20,000.00, but are now an autonomous organization, and operate independently. We pay our vets and veterinary techs, but all other labor is volunteered and our cost per surgery is less that $55 including vaccines and microchip.

In 2022 we will be expanding the program with the help of a $20000.00 Shelter Diversion Grant from the Rachel Ray Foundation and Best Friends. We will continue our current partnership with Lifeline of Galveston County to fix feral/community cats to keep them out of the shelters. Working with the shelters to identify cats in danger of entering the shelter, we will provide the veterinary services to alter and vaccinate these cats BEFORE they become shelter residents, freeing up space and funds for other adoptable animals in our local shelters. Our goal is to fix and additional 400 cats during this year, eliminating the litters these .cats would produce. Since cats are extremely prolific, the number of births we will prevent over just 2 years is astounding.

We will continue to provide services to low income pet owners in Galveston County in twice monthly clinics. We will be doing additional outreach to some of the most underserved areas of the county. To request services please email, fixurpetgalco@gmail.com