jax at trailerThanks for taking a look at our rescued dogs (and a few cats) that are available for adoption out of the Houston Metro area. We are an all foster based rescue and all dogs that are available for adoption are living in someone’s home. This insures that we know first hand about the temperament, energy level and likes and dislikes of all dogs that we place for adoption to homes from Canada, the northwestern US, New England and other areas of the US. While all our dogs are precious and dear to us, not all animals are eligible for out of state adoptions. Only dogs that are heartworm negative, healthy and of the very best temperament are eligible for adoption out of area. They must be in their foster homes for at least 30 days so that we can adequately assess their temperament and health.  Since most dogs are adopted without an opportunity to meet them, we use Skype, videos and phone conversations with the foster families to insure that each prospective adopter has all the information possible to make a great choice for a furever family member. We strive to send the cream of the crop to our out of state adopters so that their adoption experience will be the very best.

The first step is the adoption application. Please complete the application with as much detail as possible so we can get to know you and help make a perfect match for you. Many of our dogs are great for hikers and active lifestyles, but we have a good number of couch potatoes too and all need loving homes. We want you to have the dog of your dreams and your input will help us make sure that we direct you to the right dog. Once your application is received (you will submit it online at the link above), it will be reviewed and checked by one of our knowledgeable volunteers. Once you are approved, we will have you speak with the foster family to get even more information about your prospective pet. After phone calls, pictures, videos, etc. have satisfied you that you have found the perfect match (and we concur), we will start making travel plans to get your pup to you. Before leaving Houston, each dog is examined by a veterinarian and given a clean bill of health and all records are reviewed to make sure that your pup is coming to you with all vaccinations, etc. All our dogs are microchipped, spayed or neutered and tested for heartworms.

Travel is usually done by air, with our dogs flying United Petsafe. We will establish the closest airport that does non stop United PetSafe flights to insure that your dog arrives healthy and with as little stress as possible. Your dog will arrive in an airline approved travel crate with a small container of his usual food, a new collar and leash and a small bed to make him comfortaflying-a-dogble during the flight. This is all included in the out of state adoption fee. We are able to ship ground transportation in the spring, summer and fall to the Northeastern US using a wonderful carrier, Rescue Road Trips. This is less expensive as we do not have to provide a crate as all the crates are provided in the van and the dogs are traveling as a group. The trip usually takes 3 days with dogs being picked up in Houston Metro area on Wednesday and arriving in New England (several locations) on Saturday. During the trip all the dogs are taken out and walked and played with by volunteers along the route, so they are not “stir crazy” when they arrive. Whichever way your new pet gets to you, you can be sure that we will be making the best arrangements possible for your particular dog.

Last year we transported 78 dogs to new homes in the Northeast and Northwest United States and Canada.  All these dogs found loving homes with people just like you.

“an update on Wyatt after 4 days. He has adapted to the house well and is sleeping in the family room with a gate but has not had any issues, chewing, getting into things he should not etc. He is extremely friendly with everyone and sucker for a scratch. In any case we are extremely thrilled with our little guy and think we have made a very good choice…” Ian Turner, Vancouver,BC.

Hello everyone,
It was one year ago today that all of you worked together to rescue Cody, deliver him to Seattle, and make him an amazing part of our lives.   Over the past year, Cody has become an integral part of our family.  He takes on his role with great enthusiasm –  waking up the kids every morning, guarding his house and yard, and greeting all of our friends.   Cody is maturing into a wonderful family dog (despite the insane amount of shoes, toys, dish towels, and underwear he has chewed up) and has found his place in our home.   Cody has had a great year exploring Seattle – including trips to our lighthouse, hiking, playing at the dog park, and hanging out with our children and their friends.
All of us would like to sincerely thank you for your efforts and generosity.   Because of your kindness you have made our lives and Cody’s life an amazing journey together.Our sincerest thanks to all of you!!!
John, Carrie, Garrett, Taryn, and (of course) Cody!!! “

I can’t say thank you enough for suggesting Otis (Rodney) when we first talked. I can’t even express how quickly he has won us over and absolutely everyone else he meets here. He’s the most amazing creature we’ve ever ever encountered and feel so lucky that he’s now a part of our family for us to love!

Thank you!!!!

Catherine & Luke