It has been a busy year and SAVE has the numbers to prove it.  Since January 1, 2018 til today, November 2nd, SAVE has taken in 1091 animals for rescue; 432 cats and 659 dogs. In the entire year of 2017, even with the increased number on displaced animals from Hurricane Harvey our YEARLY number of intakes was only 1097.  Director, Angela McGhee, stated that the increase may be attributed to the increased awareness of the homeless pet problem thanks to recent focus by news organizations who are running weekly stories of the stray and shelter overcrowding problems. “We are getting more people asking for help with animals they have found or know are in need. These animals might have gone unnoticed in years past. But now people are reaching out for help for these homeless or neglected animals”, said Angela.  This strains the resources of all rescues and shelters as more and more animals are entering the “rescue pipeline”. More foster homes and adopters are needed to help with the increased number of needy pets.

SAVE Rescue has  seen an increase in the number of seriously injured animals coming into the rescue as well. Dogs like Gwen, the German Shepherd from Harris County Shelter whose leg was badly damaged had no hope of leaving the shelter alive. She ended up losing her leg, but gaining a new lease on life. She is still looking for her forever home. And Elvis, the victim of a “hit and run”, had his broken jaw repaired and found a forever home with a family that loves his crooked smile. These are just a few of the medical challenges SAVE has had over the last 10 months.

To keep saving these animals lives and making a difference for so many homeless pets, we need your help.  Offer to foster a pet, help with transporting an animal, donate your time or money to Help us or a new family member.  We cannot do it without you. TO HELP NOW…

Elvis now!

Elvis before surgery

Gwen with her Surgery team


Little Elvin before surgery