Conditions of the 67 Pasadena hoarding cats

How could we ever have imagined the neglect and abuse that 2019 brought to our door. Over 175 animals living in horrific conditions came onto our rescue “radar”. Over 120 small dogs belonging to a breeder were taken into custody of 8 rescue groups and rehabilitated mentally and physically. SAVE Rescue took 10 including Possum, who had the worst injuries of all. Through several months of healing Possum is ready for adoption. The 67 cats and one dog taken from a hoading situation in Pasadena Texas was handled solely by SAVE Rescue. To see more of the cats and conditions please view our video.

Possum in the cone of shame

2019 results for intake and adoptions, transfer and community outreach programs

  • 1032 animals entered SAVE adoption/intake program, 471 cats and 561 dogs
  • 568 animals were adopted, 237 transported to rescue partners, 42 returned to owners (lost animals) and 33 were euthanized or died in our care. Our live release rate was over 98%. Medical costs for these animals topped $216,000.00
  • 231 animals were spayed or neutered through the SAVE Rescue community outreach program for free/low cost alter surgeries at a cost of slightly over $25,000.00
  • Again in 2019, SAVE Rescue provided full cost of spay and neuter surgeries for Baytown’s Clear the Shelter program.
  • Over 100 adoption events provided adopters and adoptable pets to have a chance to meet.
  • SAVE RESCUE was the recipient of a grant from HoustonPetset.

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