Want to help solve the pet overpopulation problem in Houston?  Get to the root of the problem…..

Help us spay and neuter pets in the under served areas of Houston, where most of the stray animals come from. Your gift will allow us to continue or community outreach program to provide much needed services for our county and city.  FACT: One unspayed female dog and her offspring can produce 508 dogs in 7 years, but with cats the numbers are worse, 4948 cats from one female and her offspring in 7 years. Every animal fixed helps STOP THE CYCLE!

Owned, unaltered pets are the source of most stray animals in the city and their offspring clog our shelters that are already overwhelmed.  SPAY NEUTER ATTACKS THE ROOT CAUSE of homeless, helpless animals suffering in shelters or on the streets.  It also makes for safer streets for the humans as well. In partnership with K-9 Angels rescue, SAVE is currently participating in The Empty Shelter Project, a private program that works with cities and counties to provide FREE spay/neuter services to underserved lower income people in their communities. But this is not enough as each day we come in contact with lower income people that WANT to fix their pets and do not have the resources to to do so.  Our volunteers work with these people and get ALL animals in the household fixed so that the cycle of unwanted litters is broken in that household.  They pick up and deliver the pets to the vet in cases where the owners are elderly or lack transportation. We also provide flea meds and food it needed. The only thing that holds us back is funds. 

SO HELP US CONTINUE AND EXPAND.  Your donation will be used specifically for the community outreach program.


We NEED the help of our community to stop the suffering on the streets. Be part of the solution!  Donate now! I WANT TO HELP!