As the entire world is reeling from the effects of the worldwide pandemic known as Corona Viris 19, we in the rescue work are struggling to balance our own health and that of our families as well as the added strain of working in a world where many critical supplies are in short supply. Numbers of people are abandoning their pets in the mistaken fear that they will transmit the disease to the owners, or that they will no longer be able to care for their pets as they lose jobs and any sense of security.

As rescuers, out days are not much different in that we still have the overwhelming number of homeless pets that we are constantly trying to find answers and solutions for. Kitten and puppy season has started and we are taking in unwanted or abandoned litters each day. In times of uncertainty, many people take our their fears and frustration on the most vulnerable around them, children and pets. Shelters. which normally operate above capacity are overwhelmed with virus related intakes and new rules that make adoptions harder with reduced hours and staff. Many adoption events set for Spring have already been cancelled. The stock market is reducing the “wealth effect” and donations are down.

But all is not “doom and gloom”. We are seeing an increase in people who are willing to use this furlough time to foster a cat or dog. People are sharing our social media posts and some folks are actively looking for new pets while they have some at home time to acclimate a new family member. We are making do and improvising on the items we need to run our operations. Bleach solutions are replacing hard to find cleaners and old towels and rags are replacing some paper products in short supply. Our veterinary partners are working overtime to make sure our foster animals as still receiving the very best care. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication to our adoptable pets.

We had a major spay/neuter event postponed, but with the help of Houston Pet Set and Laurel’s House we are starting to reschedule appointments, with many animals going to their mobile surgery suite. We are so thankful for the partnership with Houston Pet Set that made this possible. We will continue to work on the solutions to get all 500 animals signed up their surgeries as promised.

If you have time, share out social media posts, if you are feeling generous donate, if you would like to help with a foster dog or cat, foster. But above all stay safe and do everything you can to maintain your health. When we come out on the other side of this crisis, remember we were still here helping the ones who cannot help themselves