This program gets to the source of the overpopulation problem by identifying a colony of feral cats and getting every animal in the colony altered. The animals are altered at free monthly feral cat clinics and at a once a week appointment at a local spay/neuter clinic.

Our primary veterinarian has agreed to alter feral cats as they are caught, at a reduced rate to expand our program and allow more cats to be trapped (instead of trapping only the night before the designated monthly or weekly appointments)  We need donations to fund this  important program for both the vetting expenses and additional traps.

Each 10 animal altered under this program prevents the birth of 150 additional animals in the first year after spaying or neutering. This is vital to solve the overcrowding in shelters and animal control facilities as most shelters report 50%+ of the cat intake is feral cats, all of whom are euthanized.