Ear mites are common in both dogs and cats. They are tiny parasites that live in the ears and areas around the ears. They are most often diagnosed when an animal is scratching their ears or shaking their heads. Upon examining your foster’s ears you may seen red areas in the ear canal and black or dark brown debris that looks like coffee grounds. There are several treatments available.

  • Revolution is good for cats as it gets rid of Heartworms, fleas and ear mites and can be easier on cats that are not used to being handled. One drop of Ivermectin can also be used in each ear and is often the drug of choice in treating large numbers of feral cats since it is cheap and longlasting.
  • A good home remedy is one ounce of mineral oil and 6 drops of tea tree oil to make a drop that can be used for ear mites, yeast infections, and other bacterial infections. It is available from your medical coordinator. Use daily for up to 3 weeks to make sure that you are treating any new hatchlings. Other over the counter medications are also effective; Eradimate, Otomite. Clean the ear canal with mineral oil to remove as much debris as possible and wipe away any excess oil before medicating the ears.
  • Many flea preventions have a component for killing mites and are available for dogs and cats. Bravecto has been approved for treatment of many types of mites, including ear mites, demodectic and sarcoptic mites as will as flea and tick prevention.
  • To avoid reinfection, all bedding should be washed in hot soapy water and continue to wash bedding every few days until there are no new symptoms (at LEAST 3 WEEKS). Ear mites are highly contagious in cats and all cats in the household should be treated at the same time