Pet point is a web based software that SAVE uses to manage our rescue animals. You will need a device with internet access.

  • Go to Pet Point log in page by using this address. You can also do a search for pet point log in too.

  • Type in Log in information and then click the green button labeled sign in:

Shelter ID: USTX187   User Name: foster Password: savedbyu

  • At the green bar, click on the white word EDIT. Then scroll down and click on ANIMAL
  • Go to ANIMAL SEARCH CRITERIA and change to NAME. It will be the easiest way to locate your foster. Type the animal’s name into the blank area and click FIND.
  • Make sure you select the correct animal by reading the description. Some names are very popular, as you can see the screen shot below of how many dogs named “Daisy” below.

  • After selecting your foster, this screen should appear. You can only add 3 photos of your foster. Select the pictures you wish to upload (jpeg or gif format not too large). Photos can be adjusted for the web to improve the upload time.

  • Click on the BROWSE button under photo 1. Locate where you have saved the photos on your computer, most people will find them under “pictures”. Choose the photo file to upload by clicking on that photo and then click OPEN. The photo will now be attached to PetPoint.
  • Complete step number 7 for photo box 2 and 3.
  • Once you have chosen the three photos to upload, then click the green button, on the right hand side of the screen labeled, ADD PHOTOS.

**Helpful Hints: Add the best photo that you want everyone to see as PHOTO 1. This will be the seen on the website and partner adoption sites.

  • If you would like to change the order of the photos, then click on the square with the green, left and right arrows. It will move the order of the photos.
  •  After the photos are added, the screen will look like the photo below. Remember to click on the green SAVE button at the bottom, left side of the page, otherwise your photos will not show up and your work will be lost on Pet Point. You will have to go through this process again to get your photos.

Click SIGN OUT at the top, right hand corner of the screen. Your foster’s photos will show up on the SAVE webpage, link to Petango, der, petPetpoint is web based so the first thing to do is go to the Petpoint login. Here is the direct link

To add video, go to the video tab. Use the same process as above to upload the video.  You can also upload links to YouTube.  Be sure to save your work