Intake form for fosters

Intake form for fosters to send about their new animal
  • Your name
  • Do not use common names ( bella, max, Harley, Jasper etc) Check list for approved names
  • If Owner Surrender enter details. If a S.A.V.E. return - enter adopters / returner's name and animal name under SAVE. If owner info does not apply enter N/A or x in those fields.
  • Please put the name of the shelter from which the animal arrived
  • Please remember to send all owner surrender, vetting or shelter paperwork to your FC and intake email

  • Merle, spotted, ticked, roan, tabby, calico, solid, tri color, etc.
    Any treatments for which there is vetting back up (rabies certificates, hw tests)
    Anything you noticed that should be brought to the attention of the medical coordinators
  • is dog housetrained, good with cats , kids, dogs. Is cat timid or semi-feral good with dogs, kids, cats Any training Any other health issues