S.A.V.E Rescue Coalition was formed to help animal rescue groups in the Houston Metro area work effectively together for the purpose of reducing the homeless pet problem.

News from SAVE Rescue

Strutting our Mutts (and cats)

On September 28th at Stude Park, in the Houston Heights, we will be lacing up and leashing up to STRUT OUR MUTTS. In partnership with Best Friends we will be walking to reduce the number of animals that are killed each year in shelters in our area. Although our local shelters are working hard to […]

Record Breaking Intake Number for SAVE

It has been a busy year and SAVE has the numbers to prove it.  Since January 1, 2018 til today, November 2nd, SAVE has taken in 1091 animals for rescue; 432 cats and 659 dogs. In the entire year of 2017, even with the increased number on displaced animals from Hurricane Harvey our YEARLY number […]

A NEW FOCUS…..Prevention

Since the start of a new year, we have taken a new look at our mission. Saving lives, tranporting animals, adopting pets to new homes are all very important. But the numbers of animals we need to help continues to grow. How can we continue to rescue so many animals each year? How can cities continue to increase the numbers of kennels available for stray animals at an increased cost to taxpayers? How do we eventually put rescues out of business? Nothing we are currently doing seems to be making a differeince.

SAVE RESCUE Has embarked on a new mission, to reduce the number of animals that need to be rescued. Spaying and neutering animals is the only way to stop the wave of homeless pets. You don't have to rescue them if they are never born. We have had an ongoing community outreach program to help low income individuals fix their pets for several years as well as a very active TNR (Trap-Neuter- Return) program for community or unowned cats. So far this year, as of September 1st, 2019, wehave spayed or neuter over 260 animals at an average cost of $ 85 per animal.

We would like to double this number for 2020 and make even more difference. But we need YOUR help. Our current fundraisers Stut your Mutt and other online fundraisers go toward our goal of $30,000.00. Won't you join us to help reach this goal. 550 alter surgeries will prevent THOUSANDS of new animals from entering the "shelter/rescue" system.

Who We Are

S.A.V.E. is a 100% volunteer organization. We have no salaries, office cost, etc. and we receive no government funding. Rescue efforts, Adoptions, Fostering, Community outreach and everything else we do to help our animals is community based. If you want to be a part of reducing the 80,000+ animals in Houston that don’t make it to a home from the local shelters – there are many ways to help. Foster, Adopt, Donate.

S.A.V.E Rescue Coalition was formed to help reduce the homeless pet problem through Spay/Neuter, Adoption, Volunteering and Education,

SAVE became an active Rescue Group in Nov. 2012 and has taken over 5500 animals off the streets and out of local shelters to date. Many of our Adoptables are special circumstances, needing medical attention or other care before they can be placed. Your donations can be directed to help SAVE these at risk animals.

S.A.V.E. has been recognized by Guidestar.org, a charity rater, with its highest Platinum rating, for transparency of operations.

Pet of the Month

Mr. Larry McFluffins here….

My name is Mr. Larry McFluffins and I am looking for a new home. I use to live outside where several humans fed me but somewhere along the way, I managed to break my leg which was too much for the humans to handle. They took me to a clinic to be cared for and […]

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