S.A.V.E Rescue Coalition was formed to reduce the number of homeless pets in the Greater Houston area by promoting adoption and accessible, affordable spay/neuter options.

2021 at the Halfway Mark

As summer arrives, after the long COVID shutdown, we want to update where we are at mid year. We are starting to hold “in store” adoptions for the first time in over a year at local PETCO and Petsmart locations. We are getting a record number of kittens and puppies that were born as a result of the closing or reduced hours and services of veterinary clinics all over the Houston and surrounding areas. June totals will be in excess of 322 cats and 232 dogs since January 1.

We have adopted 430 animals and have returned 28 to their owners. Sadly, 8 animals died in our care.

The bright spot is the Galveston County Empty Shelter Project Clinic which is funded entirely through SAVE Rescue. Galco-ESP has fixed 752 dogs and cats since January 1. Each animal has been an owned pet or part of a feral colony in Galveston County. The program is aimed at low income residents who cannot afford to get their pets altered. All these animals received an exam, vaccines, a microchip and were spayed or neutered at no cost to the residents.

How can you help? FOSTERADOPT a furry friend or DONATE to help our clinic or the many dogs and cats who need medical care that we help each year. Your support will help us continue to say “yes” to animals in need

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Surviving Covid-19 in the rescue universe

As the entire world is reeling from the effects of the worldwide pandemic known as Corona Viris 19, we in the rescue work are struggling to balance our own health and that of our families as well as the added strain of working in a world where many critical supplies are in short supply. Numbers […]

Pasadena Texas 67 cats taken from hoarding situation

SAVE Rescue helping in large hoarding case. On November 5th, SAVE Rescue stepped in to help a mentally impaired hoarder with 67 cats and one puppy that were on a property that had been sold and all animals needed to be removed immediately. Stepping into a 14 x 12 room with one light bulb and […]

Asking you for your help just one day a month

If you follow our website and Facebook page, you know that in addition to finding homes for hundreds of homeless cats and dogs, we also help our community by providing low cost/free spay and neuter to lower income residents. Our focus for 2020 is to FIX 'EM UP, and expand our current capacity for altering an additional 100 pets in 2020. The cost is approximately $100 a pet so here is our challenge. Give up lunch out one day a month and become a monthly donor to SAVE Rescue. One lunch will spay or neuter one animal. To become a monthly donor click below