Each day we have to decide  which homeless animals we can help. Your donation will mean that we can say yes to more animals and start them on the road to a new life.  Consider doing a monthly donation to SAVE Rescue as every moment counts for so many of these animals. Knowing that our supporters “have our backs” allows us to help more of these dogs and cats that need our immediate help.

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  • Special Funds - Choose where your gift goes

    Unrestricted Fund.This fund allows for our general operations, to purchase everything from spay/neuter surgeries to printing to collars and leashes. This fund is where we have the greatest need.

    Medical Fund. S.A.V.E. has a special fund to take in a certain number of “Special Needs” animals that require significant medical attention. Their stories will be on our Facebook page. A donation to this fund helps these special needs animals.

    Pups on Planes To help send more Texas pets to hand picked adopters in the Northern US, please make a donation to sponsor a travel crate ($49- $99) or a flight ($246-$520)

    Spay/neuter Community Outreach. Providing low/no cost spay/neuter services to underserved, low income, low information pet owners. Totally funded by donations, our goal is to fix 350 owned pets for low income families. A gift of $55 will spay a cat and $75 will spay a dog.

    RIde a Hog Save a Dog Sponsorship and Vendor Spaces. Support SAVE Rescue by Sponsorship of our ride or be a vendor.

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